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Project Aslan is a project created by multiple engineers, to minimize the communication barrier between the hearing and the deaf. By means of a robotic set-up, spoken language will be immediately translated to sign language.

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The Aslan robot should be available for everyone who wants to use it. In every design step, we focus on using affordable components and creating a user-friendly design. Most structural components of the robots can be 3D printed, while the other components are commonly available on larger webshops.

Social needs

The Aslan robot is created to assist human sign language translators in their daily activities and provide assistance to the hearing-impaired when human translators are not available. Doing this, Aslan should assist in reducing the existing communication gap between the hearing and the hearing-impaired.


State-of-the art technology is used in the design of the Aslan robot, leading to an attractive and efficient humanoid robot. 3D printing technology is employed so that modifications can easily be performed and new design features can be added.

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A word from the creators

I really hope that our final product will be able to help and reach a large group of people.

Matthias Goossens

This project is a perfect opportunity for me to apply my engineering knowledge and skills in a practical way for the community.

Stijn Huys

Since the start of Project Aslan in 2014, I truly believed in the potential of using a humanoid robot for translating spoken language in sign language and vice versa. Today’s technology should be used as much as possible to assist people in their daily living. That’s why we strive for a user-friendly solution that is affordable and accessible by the people who need it.

Guy Fierens

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Latest news

Aslan website receives update

October 2017 – The entire website for Project Aslan will get a complete make-over during the next month! The currently three years old website is in desperate need of a thorough update, which gives us the opportunity to add a lot more content.

Aslan in the international media

September 2017 – During the months of August and September of this year, Aslan has got international media coverage by Arduino, Tabi Labo, IEEE spectrum,  amongst others! In Belgium, Aslan got covered by De Tijd, Radio 2 Antwerpen and De Gazet van Antwerpen. All these articles and the reactions we received on them illustrate the […]

Harrie Aerts wins University poster contest

March 2017 – Harrie Aerts wins the prize for the best poster during the Alumni and Career Event at the University of Antwerp with his poster on the design and development of a thumb for the Aslan robot.  

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